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Can I use SpyPal Cloud monitor my children or employees when I am far away?

Yes. After the software is installed, you can get reported via its online dashboard. I means you can monitor the users anytime anywhere as long as you can access internet and open a web page.

Can I install SpyPal remotely, like clicking the attachment in an email?

No. SpyPal products are legit monitoring software, not trojans. You must own the device and have physical access to the device in order to install it.

Can I install SpyPal in a Standard User account / Limited account / Guest account in Windows?

No. You must install SpyPal products in an Administrator account. It means you need to log in that Administrator account first to install it.

Do I need to install SpyPal in every Windows user account in order to monitor them?

No. You only need to install it in one of Administrator accounts and it will monitor all other users in the local system.

My antivirus blocked SpyPal. Is it a virus?

No. SpyPal products are not virus / trojan. It is false positive. SpyPal software are just very normal software for parental control or employee monitoring.

How can I download SpyPal if it is blocked by antivirus?

Every decent antivirus has a exclusion list / allow list. You can add SpyPal to the list to allow it.

How do I purchase Thinkertec products online?

After you have decided to purchase, go to the purchase page. Click the Buy Now link for the product and subscription you would like. Follow the steps and enter the required information to purchase online. We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Check Card, American Express, Discover/Novus, and more. After your order completes, you will receive an email containing a link to download your software and instructions for installation.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. After your purchase you will receive your software product with step-by-step instructions, lifetime updates and online support. In the rare case of a problem, our support team will give you step-by-step instructions to correct your issue. 100% Guaranteed.

How do I cancel my SpyPal Cloud subscription?

You can cancel your SpyPal Cloud subscription by submitting a support ticket. Be sure to include the email address you used to purchase and your order number, along with a short note requesting cancellation. The subscription will then be cancelled and you will receive verification via email. Once you cancel your subscription, your Thinkertec product will be downgraded a free version or trial version.

Do you provide SpyPal Cloud updates?

Yes. As long as you have a valid SpyPal Cloud subscription, you will receive the latest upgrades to the software free of charge. We usually announce any software updates through your product's update checking feature.