Privacy Policy

In the present Privacy Policy Thinkertec describes the practices of privacy protection used on the web-sites run by Thinkertec (further referred to as 'Web site' if one web site is meant, and 'Web sites' if multiple Thinkertec pages are meant), and how the personal data shared by you on Web sites are collected, stored and applied by Thinkertec. The present policy also explains how you can modify or control our practices and guidelines of information collection and handling and how you can review and introduce alterations into the information already shared by you.


For delivering our services in the best possible way we have to collect two types of data: 1) information which may serve to identify you, which is supplied by you willingly in the registration process as necessary to grant you access to closed parts of our Website and opportunity to buy products and services, as it is set out in this Privacy Policy, and 2) technical information which is retrieved automatically and aggregated during your visits made to our Website and browsing sessions. Should you provide any personal info to us, whether via our Website(s) or through websites redirecting you to our page, then you would be deemed to have approved this Privacy Policy. Our policy and priority is to protect and safely store the data which may serve to identify a user, so we employ various security measures; we employ this information exclusively in internal business affairs, in order to supply you with the excellent services and products. We do not entitle anyone, whether a legal entity or person, to access or exploit your personal details available in our databases, except for services vendors officially cooperating with our Thinkertec, as discussed below, or in outstanding circumstances as described in 'Legal Matters' section.

Links Leading To Other Web Resources

Our web site displays web links which may lead you to external web–sites, which have privacy policies differing from ours. Should you share with them any portion of your sensitive data, it will be treated and stored according to their specific privacy rules and practices. So please familiarize yourself carefully with the privacy guidelines the web site offers.

Information Allowing Personal Identification, Which Is Willingly Provided By You

Our Web page is mainly open to all users, yet it has particular areas and sections access to which is made possible after registration and supplying certain personal details. Such sections may offer additional services: entrance to areas of premium content and services, opportunity of ads placement, services purchasing, subscription for newsletters and promotional/contest/special offer notifications, access to forums, chats, message boards, surveys, testimonials area etc. In order to be authorized to access/use these areas/services, you will have to share some personal data (last name and name, e-mail, postal address, (optionally) phone number and other data. To complete the authorization process we might send you a verifying and welcoming e-mail so that you were able to confirm your account data. Through access to this e-mail address we will have the opportunity to interact with you in regard to your services requests, inquires, questions and in regard to your account management. We will run communication either through this e-mail or in other way indicated by you. You are in power to refuse to provide certain sensitive data, but then you have to accept the idea that particular areas of the Web-site(s) or its certain options/offers will not be accessible/available to you.

Our priority is to keep the personal details and data provided by you private and protected, including, but in no way limited to, your e-mail, name etc. We undertake to obtain your expressed consent prior to possible sharing of your personal details with any external agent. On your part, please take care to keep the information protected by password on our Website stored safely, and do not disclose the password to others. With this aim, when you use computers in some public locations, or other people may also use your computer, please remember to sign out of a personal account and close the window of a browser to finish the browsing session, so that others could not view and use your personal info. It is your full responsibility to control and protect your password(s).

Sometimes it may happen so that we might get e-mails for advertising purposes from certain commercial vendors. If you opt to decline our e-mails subscription, then either check the corresponding box, click the appropriate button or a direct link embedded in the e-mail. You can also contact us as stated below in the end and cancel the e-mail subscription.

Automated Collection of Aggregate Information. Cookie Files

When a browsing session on our Web site is run by you from your device, the automatically generated tracking information is accumulated and stored. The typical form of automated data gathering is cookie placement. Cookies are related to browsers software and are used to enhance browsing experience and provide a user with personalized and appropriate content. Cookies are tiny bits of digital information placed on the hard-drive by a browser in order to record the user's browsing activities. The data collected by cookies are purely statistical and carry no personal identifiers; cookies check when and in what manner users employ our Web page and create overall patterns and schemes of users' behavior. Cookies simplify browsing activities, preserve your preference settings in particular zones of the Web site as well as generally make browsing process more efficient. Except cookies our Website may employ so called web beacons or pixel tags (image files consisting of one pixel only, sometimes called transparent or clear GIFs), which are a tool necessary to access previously placed cookies, to record the number of site visitors or to read e-mails received in HTML format. Information collected wit the help of mentioned means is anonymous and is used with promotional and statistical purposes only. One more example of the information our Web site automatically collects is data extracted from 'log files', like your computer's IP (a unique number attached to your computer every time it establishes Internet connection), time spent by a user on various web resources, and pages which a user visited during his browsing experience. This technical info will be employed by us purely for analytical and statistical purposes, like web site optimization and management, trends tracking, and mapping demographic schemes of users with purpose of services improvement. IP numbers do not present any identifying information about users except cases when your IP identification is necessary for provision of premium services/products to you as our legally registered user. Information aggregated in the described manner does not allow identifying users' personalities; it only facilitates provision of services and web page management.

Besides, the technologies of automated data aggregation like cookies, clear GIFs and similar means may be used by external advertisers or platforms for ads display. The mentioned entities will collect these statistical data for purposes of efficient advertizing, measuring the feedback and level of engagement with placed ads and other similar statistical information. We explicitly notify you that third party web pages apply varying privacy policy rules, and we are not accountable for the privacy rules/policies they have. When users follow the links leading to other web sites they have to investigate the privacy guidelines and ways to retrieve and store sensitive information offered by those sites. Web-links to external web pages are displayed by companies as a part of normal practice, and You cannot hold us accountable for any rules, policies, services or products advertized or placed on external sites.

Other Types of Aggregate Information

Even if in the process of collection of aggregate technical info we require you to share certain demographic data (e.g. age, income, education etc.), we shall not disclose the identifying details to third parties. Any portion of data disclosed by us will be in form of generalized or 'aggregated' data arrays which display no individual details of users but characterize a demographic group as a whole. We may have to disclose some part of personal identification data under conditions set in the next provision 'Legal Matters'.

Legal Matters Provision

Our Thinkertec provides for the security and discreetness of the services delivered to you and of your data collected by us. However, in some exceptional cases we might need to view or disclose some portion of your personal details, your account info, and possibly communications if: 1) it is necessary to abide by laws or settle legal issues in which we might be involved; 2) it is necessary to investigate and correct probable breaches of the agreement, including application of this contract in the process of committing unlawful deeds; 3) it is necessary to investigate fraud; or 4) it it necessary to protect property, rights or security of the Thinkertec, its customers, employees and the public in general. You hereby express your acceptance of the terms and provisions mentioned above.

It might happen so that our Thinkertec will undergo the process of change of control, like in cases of sale, acquisition/merger, assignment or complete liquidation of the legal entity or part of its assets, equities or other property, or will sell directly or indirectly its domain/web-site/publishing assets. Should such process occur, all personal data of our customers/Web site users will be passed in full scope to a new owner or legal successor. It is not our duty to inform you officially of any deal of the mentioned kind. Any time You can resort to the final variant: to edit or remove the disclosed info from our data storages, or to cancel the e-mail subscription by notifying us through following means; if a new owner/successor changes the contact details set in the Privacy Policy, then you might perform the mentioned actions using these new details.


In order to cancel the e-mail subscription to our newsletters and other notifications, click on the specifically provided link in the received e-mail, or on opt-out controls button, or state your request via the contact email mentioned in the end of this Policy. This cancellation procedure may take up to 30 full days.

If you need to edit your personal data/details, please state your request via the contact email mentioned in the bottom lines of this Policy.


The services of our Thinkertec and Web-site are intended for people aged 18 or above. We by no means aim to knowingly collect some private details from young children as well as minors. We strongly encourage parents and guardians to control their children's activities in the Internet and to support and enforce requirements of our Privacy Policy by teaching their children to explore the Internet safely and to ask adults' permission prior to disclosing any personal info.


We strive to ensure security and discreetness of the data we have accumulated, and with this purpose we employ a wide spectrum of means of hardware and software protection, including regular system updates, network scanning and other security-related measures. In general we pursue commonly accepted high data security standards. We cooperate with third party companies and vendors who equip us with encryption and protection means so that your information could not be deciphered or revealed. Our information storages are protected by firewalls and access to these databases is open to limited number of staff only. Any staff member who has the right of personal data access is officially bound to protect confidentiality of these data as set in this Privacy Policy guideline and is obliged to use the sensitive info only for the purpose of services delivery. In case of confidentiality breach and failure to observe our Privacy Policy, the staff member may face civil or even criminal litigation and corresponding penalties. We always employ technologies with high level of security in the course of data transmission via the Internet from your PC to our storage facilities, and take all precautions while storing the data on our servers, yet no electronic storage device or data transmission method can ensure 100% of security. With regard to this, we explicitly state that it is not in our power to guarantee the absolute protection of data which is delivered to us via Internet.


Our Thinkertec retains the freedom to update or edit this security policy as often as it is necessary, so please review this section regularly. Any changes/updates will be immediately made public on this web resource, yet we are not bound to inform you personally about any such changes. The date of last update is indicated at the bottom lines of the Privacy Policy, so you can check easily whether the update took place. Any introduced changes will be applied to information previously collected and to info which will be retrieved afterwards. Such changes may include additional options of data collection or disclosures allowed within the limits of applicable legal provisions. Such changes may include material changes which provide for wider use of collected information, yet such changes will be explained and published in advance, prior to their actual application. Notification about the necessity of reviewing the updated Privacy Policy can be made public on the home page of our web resource, but it counts as an optional measure. If you find it impossible to give the complete consent to our new Privacy Policy, please write us as described below. We will completely destroy the info you have shared with us. Yet if you continue to provide by request your personal info/details to us via Website(s) after the Privacy Policy updates, it will be taken as your default consent to the newly edited Privacy Policy.


Any time you have questions, suggestions or requests concerning our Privacy Policy, your personal data editing or its complete removal from our databases, please contact us here.